1st Class January/February 2022

Picker Pals

As part of Westmeath County Council’s ongoing environmental awareness and anti-litter work, First Class have been taking part in the Picker Pals programme. The children have been taking turns to bring home the lovely, vibrant, picker pals kit each Friday and pick up litter in their local areas. It has been a really eye-opening experience in terms of the quantity of litter that is scattered around our environment. The children are really enjoying the programme and loving the responsibility of looking after their local areas.

Magnificent Magnets

In Science, First Class learned all about how magnets and magnetism works. They used real magnets to investigate what materials were magnetic and what ones were not. The children even brought in objects from home to test out along with magnetic toys and train sets. Later that week they conducted their own experiment to find out if they could transform a needle into a magnet. 

Internet Safety Day

On 8th February, we learned all about Internet Safety Day. First Class came up with lots of tips to stay safe when using the internet. They chatted all about how to play video games safely and how we can ensure we are having fun online. They made posters and came up with lots of slogans. Here are some examples:

‘Play offline, not online’ Connor Casserly

‘Be friends, not enemies online’ Vayda Skey

‘Never ever trust someone who wants to play online with you’ Ella Erestain

‘Be smart, stay safe’ David Dalton