4th Class January/February 2022

For 4th Class's project, the children studied Christianity in Ireland. They enjoyed listening to each others views. They included a timeline of Christianity, the coming of Saint Patrick, Monastic settlements and Monasteries. It was kind of fun do to!.

Safer-Internet day

On Safer-Internet day, we were talking about how the internet can be safe and not safe. The internet can be good when you call your friends and all, but there can be hackers and viruses too. We did Kahoot after we learnt all about it and we also did a colouring sheet

Food dudes is an amazing programme which helps children eat more healthily in school and at home. Food dudes even helps your child discover new fruits and vegetables that  they may like! Your child gets rewards from this programme like rubbers, pencils and new lunch boxes for vegetables and fruit! Food dudes also encourage your child/children to get more outside and exercise. There is also a food dude passport that shows your child the food pyramid and how much fruit/vegetables you can have a day. It also shows you different ways on how to exercise during the day. In conclusion food dudes helps your child's health and keep their exercise up.