6th Class January/February 2022

Tessellation Art

6th class enjoyed working on tessellation art. Here is directions from one of our students on how they created their work;

To start off this artistic unique shape we got a sticky note and drew a random squiggly line from the top left corner of the note to the bottom left corner. We then went from the bottom left corner to the bottom right corner. 6th class cut out along the line going from the top left to the bottom left corner and we taped it to the right of the sticky note. We did the same to the other line but taped it to the top of the sticky note. The class then got an A3 piece of paper then used the tape to tessellate on the paper. Some students thought the shape looked like an item or animal so made the shape into what it looked like then coloured it. The pictures look amazing and they are all unique.

Road Safety Slogans

In our school some students made road safety slogans to try to make the road a safer place for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. We had a few participants and each one did a brilliant job. Two people even managed to win a prize, and they were Laura who is in 6th class, and Eoin who is in 2nd class. They both won hats with lights on the front as their prize. Eoin got 1st place in his age group. Well done to everyone who participated.

Food Dudes

Food Dudes is a healthy eating programme designed to help us try new fruit and vegetables and to encourage us to eat more of them. During food dudes we eat a variety of fruit and veg. We usually get prizes at the end of the programme, some of these include: lunchboxes, drink bottles, stickers, rubbers and pencils. Some food that we try would be: peppers, apples, carrots, oranges and cucumber. We watch videos which help us understand why we need to have our 5-7 fruit and veg a day. They also help us understand why we need nutritional food in our diet. There are also some videos where Kellie Harrington and Philly Mcmahon explain why it is important to eat your fruits and vegetables. We were also given Healthy Eating Passports in this booklet one of the  pages includes a fruit and veg intake tracker.


Our 6th class started confirmation work on the 29th of November 2021 and only finished it around the 20th of January 2022 for confirmation to be on the 15th of February 2022. Our class was Confirmed by Bishop Thomas and our parish priest Father Garland. The Confirmation was at 11 oclock but we were all there by 20 to 11. It was a very momentous day for all of our class.