Celebrating Friendship Week in 5th Class

This friendship week Ms. Craughan decided that we were going to make everyone a gift for friendship week. How it worked is that Ms. Craughan called you up to her desk and told you  one  by  one who your secret person was and you were NOT allowed to tell ANYONE who your person was until after we opened the presents that we got from our secret present . Everything had to be homemade unless  you needed anything from a shop  to make the gift. Since it was homemade you could make anything they liked such as a comic or painting something or sweets [that you can make] eg. It turned out really good and everyone was really happy with their gifts. We had all week to make the gifts[Monday to Thursday] and brought them in on Friday. Overall everyone enjoyed it and liked it. It was a really good way to make us know each other better. By Kim Beggan