Healthy eating week in 5th class

The pupils  in 5th class were working on a mini project on healthy drinks. It was based on how much sugar that are in the drinks that students in this school drink on a daily basis. To make it a fair test they also measured the sugar per 100ml in each drink. 

The drinks and the grams of sugar in each bottle/can are

yazoo(35g),coke(35g),orange juice(30g),club orange(43g),

Innocent smoothie(0g),powerade(19g),lucozade energy(17g)

Lucozade sport(17g),7 up(16g),fruit shoot(2g),water(0g),

Diet coke(0g) and monster(0g).

There are three drinks that have ‘buts’ in them and they are Monster, diet coke and innocent smoothie. Monster is very high in caffeine and is not recommended for children or every day basis.Diet coke is also very high in caffeine and is full of artificial ingredients and has a lot  of sweeteners in it too.Innocent smoothies are made from %100 of fruit and vegetables but contain a tonne of natural sugars. The drink that had the most sugar was club orange.