Green Schools

Congratulations to the children elected to this year’s Green Schools Committee. Thanks to all of the people who worked so hard to get our previous flags.

We hope to be awarded the Travel Flag this year.

We are focusing this year on improving our use of environmental friendly ways to travel to school. We have acquired a new sheltered bicycle rack and a new scooter rack for the school. 

Top Energy Saving Tips:

  1. Keep your thermostat at 20 degrees.
  2. When buying new appliances check the energy labels. Purchase ‘A’ rated appliances whenever possible. They save costs in the long run.
  3. Close doors to separate heated rooms from cold rooms.
  4. Switch appliances off rather than leaving them on standby.
  5. Don’t allow frost to build up in the freezer. Defrost and clean regularly.
  6. Don’t fill the kettle. Only boil the amount of water you require.
  7. Keep your curtains closed at night and make sure they do not hang over the radiators.