Green Schools

Over the last 10 years Clonmellon National School have been awarded Green School flags for the themes of Litter and Waste, Energy, Water and Travel. The school, steered by the Green School Committee are aiming to achieve our 5th flag for the theme of Biodiversity. We are in the 1st year of a 2 year programme to achieve this.

Biodiversity is our like support system. It is the variety of all life forms on Earth, from the tiniest bugs living in the soil to the butterflies in your garden, the plans they feed from and the biggest whales in the sea. 

Our aim is to make the whole school community aware and appreciate and aid biodiversity.

The committee continue to monitor and evaluate the improvements by second biodiversity survey, a second Habitat
Map and Bird Spotting over five week period.
The Biodiversity theme was incorporated into various curriculum subjects.

The committee have informed and involved the School Community by:

 Class projects
 Posters in Classroom
 Whole School Activities
 Workshops
 School Noticeboard
 Announcements via intercom
 Regular Green School Meetings
 Sharing of facts on Biodiversity
 Sharing of facts on Biodiversity
 Biodiversity Pictures on the corridors
Our Green Codes so far are:
 Keep the world Green. Recycle and stay clean
 Do the world a favour. Be an energy saver
 Come on guys be water wise