2023 Peace Proms

Peace Proms 2022 will take place on the 8th of May.

Our class and two others are participating in the show at the Helix. We practised the medleys for the first workshop with Greg Beardsell, along with the many other schools in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Liverpool. 

Sixth Class and the two Fifth Classes practised together either in Ms. Little’s Fifth Class room, Ms.Craughan’s Fifth Class room or in Ms. Darby’s Sixth Class room. As well as learning to sing the songs, we had to learn actions to certain songs.  

Due to the venue having to be changed, the Peace Proms show has been downsized. Clonmellon N.S was one of the many schools to have been chosen to perform. The two workshops were a great opportunity for us to work on performing in front of other people. (There were lots of schools on the call!).  

We are very excited as it is our first time being a part of the show. 

Some of the featured tracks include:

  • Pop Medley (Get Up And Dance and Dance Monkey to name a few)
  • Dance Medley

And a very special song that we are learning in ISL (Irish Sign Language)….

We are very excited to be learning this song and are working hard to perfect it.