Science Blast 2023

This term the children of Sixth Class have been working on an investigation to submit to Science Blast. The Science Blast is an event taking place in the RDS on March 1st. Roughly 4,000 children from all over the province will be going to represent their school. Once there, the children will have the chance to roam around the RDS for the day. 

The majority of the children in the school voted for the question of the experiment to be; “What Exercise Burns the Most Calories?”  They explored this topic by making predictions of weather; Shuttle Runs (sprints), Russian Twists (using dictionaries as weights), Jumping Jacks, Sit-Ups, Skipping (with ropes), Burpees or Zumba (dance) would burn the most calories. After the predictions had been made the children got to work. They used Fit-Bits to track their calories in the two minutes at a time that each student performed the exercise to their best ability. It was made sure that before exercising that each student was at a resting heart rate. After each child had repeated the exercise four times (this took several weeks) they began to find averages and make up charts. Over all, the Science Blast will be a great experience for the children.