Best described by one of our students:

Before I describe the pilates classes, I first must explain what exactly pilates is.  Unlike yoga, which while it is a muscle-building exercise like pilates, it does tend to focus more on flexibility, serenity and relaxation, pilates is all about building muscle and enhancing fitness especially in your upper body.  The two are quite frequently mixed up.


We start and end most lessons with a game such as Ship, Sea, Shore or Riverbank.  After that we move onto fun exercises such as doing handstands, tumbles etc.  Sometimes we run a competition to see which class group can hold a plank or a candlestick and similar for the longest.  As I previously stated, each session usually ends with a game.  Ultimately the aim of pilates is to have fun. 


Though some students may be skeptical about pilates, everyone who partakes, really enjoys themselves.  I think it is a great way to exercise as it  is fun and not too strenuous.