Well done Girls

Westmeath Camogie:


Our trials were on the 4th of March in Oliver Plunketts, Mullingar. There were 120 girls there and we were divided into 3 different groups. We did a few drills and then played 2 matches afterwards. While the other teams were playing we did a few drills along the sideline. The week after they sent us an email to say whether or not we got in or not.

Next Tuesday we got an email saying that we got in and that they'd add us to a group chat to arrange training and games. There were 3 teams with 25 girls in them and we all got split up. The teams are called Lough Lene, Lough Derravaragh and Lough Ennell.


The Lough Lene team had training on the 22nd of April we had training in St Munnas at 10:30. We did a few drills like picking up the sliotar, tackling and taking points and goals. After the drills we played a 10m match.

Matches and Games:

Our game was on the 1st of May at 2:300 in Roscommon. All 3 of the teams were playing Rosscommon at different times. Roscommon also had 3 teams. We were in the last game to get played. We watched some of the first game before we got our jerseys. Our trainers Darren Spollen and Mary.

All of the teams won and it was a great day out. We can't wait for our next match.