Well done Lads

On Saturday, 29th of April myself (Seán) and Conor played in Parnell Park at halftime during Westmeath’s hurling match against the Dublin senior hurling team. We got a bus up to Parnell Park from Mullingar Park Hotel. When we arrived at the stadium we were designated to a room where we put on Westmeath shorts, socks and a jersey. (We got to keep the shorts, socks and we also got a sliotar). We then went to the seats reserved for us in the stand and watched the exciting first half of hurling. When the half time whistle went we ran onto the pitch in the lashing rain. The 12 minutes passed by extremely fast, the 10 players on our team played great hurling and we ended up winning the match. We got photos taken of the team and we went back to the changing room to get changed into dry clothes. We rushed to our seats in the stands to watch the second half of the senior match.The second half was not as exciting as the first half because Dublin dominated. It was a great experience and we would love to be able to play a match like that again.