For our Environmental review the green school committee conducted a survey to assess the knowledge of the children in the area of Biodiversity. A Habitat Map was created showing the biodiversity on our school grounds.

The Committee came up with actions to inform the school community about biodiversity and ways to improve it.

The Action Plan involved:

Biodiversity Class Projects

* Biodiversity Poster Competitions

* Biodiversity paintings

* The leaf thief

* Tree activities

* Information sheets about biodiversity

* Eye-Spy-Spotting plants and animals

* Biodiversity in Ireland - Zoom Workshop

* Garden Weeding

* Bug Hunt

* Biodiversity Pictures brought in by children - Displayed

* Bug Hotel

* Biodiversity Art Submission by local artist

* Plant, Insect and Bird Spotting

* Birdbath

* Bird Sculptures 

* Science Experiments on Plants

* Bird Feeders

* Bird House

* Goat/Puppy visit to classes

* Extensive Garden and Flower Planting and harvesting co-ordinated by Mrs Lynch. All classes involved.

* Biodiversity Powerpoint

* Slogan Competition

* Noticeboards

* Pride of Place - Community Project

* School Website

* Biodiversity Poems and Songs 

* Nature Walks

* Biodiversity Information displayed in Corridors

* Life cycles of Animals

* Talk on Woodland Creation by a Committee Members grandparent

* Class Quizzes

*Creating an indoor Woodland Workshop by Ruth Miggin

* Botanic Gardens Tour - 6th Class.

Future Actions

* Bee talk/Workshop

* Biodiversity Day

* Whole School Biodiversity Pledge

* Girly Bog Tour - 4th Class

* Biodiversity Debate