5th Class News

Could not be more proud of this team of girls. They gave this game their all and only missed it by a point.
Some photos for World Book Day in 5th Class
Some more photos of Seachain na gaeilge
Some photos from Seachtain na gaeilge
What a show! 2023 Peace Proms in the RDS was just a celebration of music and our Students did us very proud.
Congratulations to Kim from 5th Class on winning the Slogan/Art Competition for Active Schools.
The children of 5th class really enjoyed baking chocolate chips cookies on 19th January. The children worked in groups and followed the recipe very well. Their most favourite part was tasting the cookies when they came out of the oven!
The children were very excited by a visit from the main man himself. He took lots of time to talk to the children and hear all their stories and present requests. Each class sang him a song which he thoroughly enjoyed.
Practice in full swing for Peace Proms 2023
Friendship Week